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Our staff is dedicated to your mental and physical wellness with years of experience in their areas of expertise. Consisting of a Medical Doctor, Nurse Practioners, Pharmacist, and Nurses. We are here to join you on your wellness journey. Meet with one of our experts today.

Razia Malik, Pharm.D.

Razia (Rose) is a dedicated manager at Renovar Wellness, where she leads with passion and experience in holistic health and wellness. Razia has over 25 years of experience as a pharmacist in hospital, community, and medication management. Bringing a wealth of knowledge in creating and implementing innovative wellness programs decided to meet the diverse needs in our community. At Renovar, Razia specializes in neurofeedback therapy (used for many mental health), IV and oral vitamin therapy, and helps manage the weight loss program with the nurse practitioners. Her desire is for every client to feel supported and knowledgeable in their optimal well-being journey. In her free time she enjoys visiting with her parents in Chicago and going places with her husband and kids on the weekends.  


Anna Matulewicz AGNP-C is a Nurse Practitioner with over 15 years of expertise in healthcare and has practiced as an NP since 2013.  Her professional journey has spanned diverse roles in primary care, cardiology & sleep medicine. With a passionate commitment to patient care, Anna specializes in guiding individuals toward healthier lifestyles while empowering them to achieve personal wellness goals. Her compassionate approach and extensive experience have positively impacted numerous patients, fostering lasting health improvements. Outside her professional endeavors, Anna finds joy in quality family time and exploring the world through travel, balancing her dedication to healthcare with a well-rounded life. Her dedication to healthcare excellence and patient well-being continues to drive her impactful contributions to the field.

Shelly Prichard, MSN ED, FNP-C , a seasoned healthcare professional with three decades of nursing experience, holds dual Masters in Nursing Education and as a certified Nurse Practitioner. For the past five years, she has excelled as a Nurse Practitioner, specializing in primary care. Shelly’s practice uniquely integrates conventional medicine with an emphasis on holistic and integrative approaches, aiming for a comprehensive approach to health and wellness. Driven by a genuine commitment to patients, she strives to deliver personalized care, ensuring an enhanced and positive healthcare experience.

Shauntel Marcin, FNP is a Family Nurse Practitioner with over twelve years of healthcare experience and has worked as a nurse practitioner with a focus in Mental Health and Emergency Medicine since 2022. Her passion and commitment to individualized care has been the foundation for which she has based her practices in a variety of settings. She believes when you treat the whole individual, the best outcomes are achieved. For Shauntel, being a practitioner is not just about prescribing medications. Being a good practitioner is more about addressing the mind, body, and spirit in a way that empowers individuals to be stewards of their own health and wellness, and results in lasting, positive, outcomes.  “I believe in a personalized and team-based approach to health, I care about you, and we are in this together, we are a team, and through collaborative efforts on both of our parts, success is always achievable.”

Jen D. RN has been a nurse for almost 20 years. Her medical background includes labor and delivery and high risk obstetrics, homecare for high risk OB patients and postoperative nursing.  At Renovar, Jen performs neurofeedback therapy,  auricular accupuncture, vitamin infusions and injections. When Jen is not working she enjoys camping with her husband and 3 teenage kids. She also has 2 dogs, 2 birds and chickens. At Renovar Wellness, Jen enjoys hearing how amazing her patients feel and continue to improve their health physcially and mentally.

Emily M. RN has been a nurse for almost 23 years. Her professional background includes labor and delivery/high risk obstetrics/women’s health, community health via school nursing and perioperative nursing.  At Renovar, Emily performs Neurofeedback therapy, vitamin infusions and injections. Emily enjoys spending her free time with her husband and 3 teenage kids. She also enjoys exercising/lifting weights, hiking, reading and walking her 2 dogs. She also has some big travel goals on her “bucket list” that she hopes to start checking off soon. Professionally Emily wants you the client to have the best possible care and experience while at Renovar.

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– Mandy Hale